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Job Site: 365 Fulton St San Francisco, CA

Owner: Mercy Housing California
           1360 Mission St 3rd Floor San Francisco, CA 94103

Description: 120 studio rental units for low income and homeless individuals.  This 5-story building has a concrete podium with 4 wood framed floors on top.  In addition to the rentals units, the first floors include retail space, offices, and tenant common areas.

Size: 70,400 sf

Scope: Interior/exterior painting, anti-graffiti coating.

Paint items such as: interior walls and ceilings, doors and frames, wood trim and baseboard, exposed piping, risers, and standpipes, steel handrails, wood and steel stair stringers, risers, and landings at stairs, exterior plaster, exposed galvanized sheet metal (reglets, flashing, coping, trim, etc).  Anti-graffiti coating on exposed concrete at first floor.